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'This Is What Police Found When They Arrested Suspects

Rhino Poachers Make A Mistake To Try To Poach Vredefort Dome Rhinos

4 Rhino poachers pounced in the darkness of the night with the full moon out, they went out of their way to poach rhino horns from Marius Pretoruis from the farm Zonnebloem near the R59 in the Vredefort district.

The perpetrators of crimes are causing a lot of problems in our society especially with regards to our animals, the extinction of our animals is very detrimental to the economy of the country because much of the tourism relies on the animals that we have.

People come from many places around the world in order to observe these animals that we have, so for rhino horn dealers to be killing them is really unacceptable.

Security guards in the area gets intelligence about a possible poaching and warns rhino farmers from the area, and passes information to necessary SAPS units.

SAPS members were deployed with support from Vredefort Koepel GPF early in the evening just after 19:00 the suspected poachers are unloaded, heavily armed, and with tools to remove horns.

A trump-on encounter takes place, with a scramble in which one SAPS member is wounded in the leg and poachers flee into the densely wooded ridges, leaving backpacks, an Ax and a heavy-calibre rifle behind.

The unloading vehicle with other poachers is towed away and arrested at Vredefort. Within days, the fleeing poachers will be called and that is a promise.

Police are encouraging members of the public who might have information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to come forward, and give out that information so that the perpetrators of these crimes can be brought to Justice.

Poachers are really enemies of the public because the animals that they are poaching will die and none of the people from around the world will want to come and see these animals, so this is also going to affect the jobs of ordinary citizens who work with the animals.

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