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Durban Influencer Is Exposed After Claiming Black Mamba Slid Into Her Room

Twitter is having a laugh after a Durban woman claimed that the black mamb in the photo slid into her room.


Thoni, who is on Twitter as @ThonisileG, was exposed by @GodociN on twitter.

The woman posted on twitter a phot of a black mamba sliding in a bedroom and she said that it was her room which the black mamba had slid into.

As many people commented about their fear of snakes and how Durban has many snakes especially now in summer, one particular user exposed her.

The user simply added screenshots from an article and put a caption of ‘’Let me live (leave) this here.’’

The article shows that this indeed was an event which did not happen to the influencer. This was an incident which took place in June this years. It was a 2.5m black mamba which slid from the passages of the home right into the children’s bedroom where it was found by the home owner. The news was reported by Jacaranda when it took place. Snake catcher, Nick Evans, rushed to the scene.

Since the influencer was exposed for her lie, she did not comment any further on it. Over 500 people liked the reply which was exposing her lie. This shows that people must claim things because the internet has all records. 

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