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500 Pounds Of Pure Bulk, The Green Anaconda Will Swallow You Whole

Snakes are the villains of this movie that we call life. The constrictors are the mob bosses, they are the largest snakes that you will ever find out here on earth. They can grow up to a crazy 10 metres long, this is the champion of the length game when coming to snakes. The anaconda takes the cake when coming to weight as well. This snake grows for the whole of its life span,it eats till it dies and it grows up until it dies as well. That's why I think that there is an anaconda longer than 10 metres out there in the wild, it just hasn't been discovered yet. That's because the really big anacondas like to roam around the deep pools and spend most of their time under water. This is because the sheer bulk and weight of the snake is too much to support on land for a long period of time. It would crush its own bones if it were to stay on land for too long, gravity would come into play. A Fully Grown Man is too large of a meal for an anaconda to swallow whole, but a teenager is a different question.As long as you are shorter than 1 metre, a fully grown anaconda can Swallow you whole. There are always reports of missing people in the woods where anacondas are found. You never know, they might have just run into the anaconda.

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The Green Anaconda


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