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It All Ended in Tears for a Man who was Petting With the Lion at a Zoo

People go to Zoo for exposure of animals, learning on their behavior and many other things. Many people across the country and abroad often take a vacation trip to the zoo, taking up their families to go and play with the animals, in most cases the most dangerous animals are caged for the safety of visitors.

Unfortunately for the man who is believed was trying to pull a stunt ended up in tears, The man is seen on a video petting with a Lion through a fence of an enclosure at a zoo. The now famous man put his hand inside a Lion 's enclosure and it is believed he was trying to put a show for visitors.

Speculations are rife with many believing that the incident might have happened in South Africa, as the man is heard on the video screaming the popular and most loved swear word "[email protected]" several times.

It is well known across the globe how dangerous the Lion is, the Lion is also very well known as the king of the jungle, but it looks like all that information did not cross the man 's mind when he was busy petting the Lion.

It all ended in tears and terribly shocking as the man was struggling to break free his finger from the lions jaws. The man finally broke away and fell on the ground, it looked so painful and by the looks of things the man have lost at least a piece of his finger and those watching said they thought it was a joke.

Out of excitement, people often try to do something special to impress the crowd and we are saying let's behave in a responsible manner that at the end of the day we are all happy and safe. Unfortunately for the man on the video and he has since been trending on many social media platforms, and we feel sorry for him.

To watch the video just simply follow the link from the source below.


Content created and supplied by: Ndivhuwo Netshivhambe (via Opera News )

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