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Scientists warn these parts of the world will soon have heat indices above 125 degrees

According to a study, a "severe heat belt" will form by 2053 as a result of ongoing climate change problems and rising global temperatures. The First Street Foundation conducted the study. In it, the researchers examined the steadily rising levels of dangerous heat and made the suggestion that those levels would increase dramatically over the course of the next 30 years. The potential impact of the new heat belt might reach 107 million Americans.

By 2053, counties and states from Texas to Illinois may experience an increase in the heat index of up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. In its latest analysis, the First Street Foundation describes how environmental factors may be causing temperatures to rise dramatically across the country.

And if this high heat zone does establish itself, the lower 48 states might become far hotter places to live.

It's alarming news, especially given the ongoing problems caused by climate change on a worldwide scale. Some areas have already seen record droughts, and well-known lakes and waterways are drying up more swiftly than before. Massive sinkholes have also started to form in thawed permafrost as a result of the increase in global temperatures.

Numerous remedies have been put out by scientists over the years to address the ongoing climate challenges. The UN has made an effort to raise awareness of climate change. Even NASA has sought to attract attention by using eye-catching GIFs that show the world's temperatures rising.

Additionally, some engineers have suggested using space bubbles to shield the Earth from the Sun's destructive rays.

We haven't yet found a mechanism to prevent the creation of extreme heat belts like the one the First Street Foundation predicts would occur by 2053, despite their proposals. And if things go on the way they are, homes in those places will be more susceptible to the heat.


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