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In shock : Trucker Attacked By Leopard While Relieving Himself In The Bush

Trucker attacked by a Leopard while relieving himself in the bush at Katima Mulilo border between Zambia and Namibia, the attack has shocked ordinary members of the public and they’re just wondering how did this attack come about and why did the trucker feel the urge to get out in the middle of nowhere in the wild safari of Africa.

This should serve as a warning to those other truck drivers who are under the impression that they are so brave they can just fight off or dispel anything that can come their way, there are forces out there that are much bigger than us here. You cannot just put on a macho front, and think that you can face the world by living in a delusional mental state.

These are things that make other people think that Africa is a place where you encounter animals in the middle of the street and that is because it is true, however it is not true of all the parts meaning that there are other places which you cannot encounter animals such as in the cities.

But out there in the jungle you’re on your own because animals could be lurking at any point, they'll be watching waiting for anyone who can fall victim to their prey, so if you don't want to be a victim you can find alternative means in order to avoid becoming a pitfall of the animal.

At the moment the victim has been rushed to hospital in order to get treatment for the wounds that he sustained from the attack, this is something that should never be taken lightly because these animals are so dangerous they usually go for the throat. This man is lucky that this animal went for his hand, because it doesn't usually let go.

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