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Indian Tiger Centipede whose Venom Cannot Kill A Human, But Does These 2 Things

The Indian tiger centipede is a species of centipede that is a member of the Scolopendridae family of centipedes. It is native to India. However, despite the fact that their bite can be quite painful depending on the size, its venom cannot kill a human.

They are frequently referred to as tiger centipedes because of the presence of black bands on their tergites. They may grow to be approximately 16cm (6.3 in) in length and have antennas that are made up of 17 or 18 segments, with the first segment being brightly colored.

In order to protect and defend themselves, centipedes inject venom into their prey, which is especially important when they feel threatened by people. Why do centipedes bite humans?

Are they potentially dangerous?

A tiger centipede bite is not hazardous, but the degree of agony associated with the bite rises in proportion to the size of the centipede.

Is it possible for them to kill humans?

Despite the fact that the bite of a tiger centipede can be extremely painful, it cannot be fatal to a human being.

What is the effect of their venom on humans?

Centipedes utilize their venom to kill their prey in the same way. The bites of these animals seldom result in health problems in people.

Tiger centipede venom produces swelling and sleepiness in the person who is bitten.

What city do they reside in?

They may be found in both temperate and tropical climates, and they are most commonly discovered under fallen logs, mulch, stones, and bark, among other things. Although some of them are active on the ground, others burrow under soft soil, which makes them difficult to spot.


They have a life expectancy of more than 5 years, on average.

What do they eat is a mystery.

Their major food consists of mice, cockroaches, locusts, and various vermin, among other things.


In addition to being beneficial in terms of pest management, their food is entirely comprised of insects, which makes them very useful.

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