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Elephant Rips Owner in Half After Making Him Work in Heat (photos)

After being made to carry wood during an extremely hot season in Thailand, an elephant tore its owner in half.

According to The Thaiger, when police arrived at a rubber plantation in the Phang Nga region on Wednesday, they discovered Supachai Wongfaed's body lying in a pool of blood.

According to the Thai news agency, the 20-year-old elephant known as Pom Pam stabbed the owner with its tusks. When it attacked, the elephant was transporting rubberwood in sweltering heat. According to The Thaiger, police believe this is what made the animal turn on its owner.

Asian elephants are occasionally employed to transport logs and wood through dense forest. These specific creatures are referred to as "logging elephants." Although it is no longer permitted in some parts of Thailand, the practice was outlawed there in 1989.

Temperatures have recently reached 89 degrees Fahrenheit in Thailand's Phang Nga province. Given that the elephant had been lugging wood, the temperatures may have prompted it to "go mad," according to the police.

When police came, the elephant was still positioned over Wongfaed's body. The elephant was tranquilized by Phang Nga Provincial Livestock officers so they could examine the body, according to The Thaiger.


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