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Have you heard of a yellow penguin?

A yellow penguin was recently posted on instergram. However the picture of it was taken a while back on the island of south Gorgia in 2019.

According to photographer Yves Adams, they had just arrived at the island of sohth Georgia. As they were unpacking their rubberboats,they saw something eye catching coming straight at them. A leucistic king penguin approached their direction in a middle of the chaos that unfolded, full of sea elephants and Antarctic fur seals.

King penguins just like the closely related emperor penguins typically adorn a black-and-white coat with a yellowish-gold dash of color on their collar. The yellow pigments are "unique to penguins," though not all species have them

In some cases when an individual animal’s coloring diverges sharply from the species’ typical coloration, it’s an example of albinism. In this case, penguin expert says the proper term for the yellow-maned bird is leucism, a genetic mutation in which an animal is mostly white but can produce some pigment.

Melanin, or dark pigment, is responsible for the darker feathers. While pigment anomalies in penguins are rare, they can be either melanistic (all black), albanistic (all white) or leucistic (a mix of both).

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