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Animals are now at risk of catching Covid-19

We thought the pandemic of Covid-19 only affected or infected human beings but here is the latest update. There are lions who got infected by Covid-19. You may wonder how that is even possible , believe it or not it's possible.

Research led by scientists at the University of Pretoria found three lions and two pumas fell ill with coronavirus - and the clues point to infection by their handlers, some of whom were asymptomatic.

The investigation was launched after three lions at an anonymous private zoo in Johannesburg fell ill last year with breathing difficulties, runny noses and a dry cough.

Due to the fact that this animals had similar symptoms for the coronavirus, they were then tested for Covid-19 and the tests came out positive.

However 12 of the workers at the zoo who work directly and indirectly with the animals were tested and 5 of them were positive.

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