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Meet Dangerous Tribe Where They Eat The Dead Body Of Their Families Because Of What They Get From it

Endocannibalism is the practise of feeding on the skin of dead people within a single tribal group or geographical area, and is defined as follows: Endocannibalism has been practised in the past, but a group of individuals from South America recently showed exactly the same behaviour as previously. They're subsisting on the remains of their forefathers and foremothers.

It was common practise among the Wari people of Western Brazil to practise endocannibalism on their enemies. The burnt bodies of other Wari people have always been devoured when they are kept in a morgue. To the contrary, refusing to accept the practise would only be seen improper by the rest of the household.

Yanomamo customarily consume the crushed skeletons and remnants of their burned ancestors as an expression of mourning, according to legend. Such activities were generally thought to be motivated by a need for protein or perhaps other meals, according to popular belief.

The tribal tribes mentioned above are resistive to western influence, choosing instead to preserve their traditions. The Yanomani are a naturalised group of people who believe that even when a person's physical existence has come to an end, the spirit must be preserved.

They believe that only after the corpse has been roasted and devoured by family members will the body be allowed to rest peacefully.

Do you believe that this group is in desperate need of civilization? Let's hear what you have to say about it.

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