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Bad Omen| If A Cat And An Owl Crosses The Road Before You Do, Change Direction

Cats are amongst the animals that many people likes to keep in their home. But there are some bad ramifications in them, the same applies to owls. These two animals can be very dangerous when they are in a possession of evil people. You might have heard about the evil things that are associated with these two animals, in this article we are going to expand more on that knowledge and also give you real life situations where you could be under attack from these animals

Cats and owls are believed to be some of the favorites animals that witches use to perform witchcraft on other people. This has some sense to it because witchcraft is most performed during the night and these two animals can function fully during the night. Cats can also be seen during the day, but the owls are fully functional during the night which is what witches want

We are going to concentrate more on how bad luck can be applied on a person by using these two animals. For this explanation, we turn to one of the posts which was shared on social media to warn people about these animals. It was expressed that witches can send these two animals to cross the road that you are about to cross just before you do, this applies whether you are walking or driving

If they happen to cross the road before you and you still continue to walk in that direction, bad luck will start to follow you. The traditional healer who shared this information wrote that your enemies probably know when you are going to get good things, so just before that can happen, they send a cat and an owl to spread bad luck all over your

The traditional healer who shared this information instructed people to change the direction of the road they are walking in as soon as they notice these activities

After this information was shared, a lot of people started sharing their experience with these two animals. One of the most notable comment was from a women who lost her unborn son. She expressed that she came in contact with an owl and it looked her straight into the eyes, after that she started having labour pains but unfortunately the child was dead




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