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"Why is the black one close to mouth?" | South Africans Respond After Seeing This Stunning Picture

A popular Twitter user posted a stunning picture showing three men (2 white and 1 black) standing on top of each others shoulders next to a very large crocodile that was hanged on a tree with the black man at the top an the two white men at the bottom, the Twitter user jokingly suggested that people would be outraged if the black man was at the bottom...

"Imagine the noise this picture could have made if the black man was at the Bottom ☹🤣😗" - He jokingly wrote.

This Twitter user's post quickly gained a lot of attention as hundreds of people responded with some funny comments, just look at how some people are responding to the post...

"Why the black one is close to mouth?they want him to die early😀😀😀🚮"

"But why black man holding the head what if the fish swallow him?"

"He should've been the 1 taking that photo..."

"This is worse! Not only is he near the jaws of death but guess who will fall the hardest?! Kodwa no phela he's not at the bottom where it is safe angithi"

"He was supposed to be in the middle🤷🏽‍♀️ 😵😂"

"Now why is he the one closest to the mouth🤔🤔🤔?"

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