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If There Are Alot Of Wall Geckos In Your Home, Here Are Home Remedies To Help Get Rid Of Them

Wall gecko is a reptile notable for its unique way of moving around: on its belly. It's possible that they could be white or brown, or a combination of both. There was evidence of their presence in the fissures, gaps, walls, and ceilings. In most circumstances, they serve a useful purpose because they eat cockroaches, flies, and other home pests. The presence of wall geckos is not enough for some individuals; they prefer to kill them. To help you get rid of wall gecko, I'm going to go through a number of home remedies that you can employ.

According to Healthline, there are several effective ways to get rid of wall geckos in your home.

garlic and salt

Using garlic and salt to get rid of wall geckos has been a conventional remedy for a long time now. Since ancient times, people have used this cure to treat a variety of ailments. Once the garlic and salt are combined, they are applied to the areas of your home where wall geckos are most likely to be found. This approach works well. You'll scare them away with the smell of garlic and salt, as they don't like either of those flavors.

Coffee and tobacco

Take some of the wet coffee grounds and some of the tobacco powder and make a little ball with your hands. Place this ball on a toothpick. Use a location where geckos are likely to find it, such as an exterior entryway, if you want to keep them away from your gecko nest. After devouring a chunk of this ball, the geckos will die.


Onion slivers will be stored in your home's corners to prevent wall geckos after you've chopped them into small pieces. Because onions have such a strong smell, they make wall geckos nervous and frightened. The usage of previously used onions should be avoided in favor of using fresh ones.

You should use insecticides or conduct frequent fumigations to get rid of any and all insects in your home.

This is because gecko lizards need insects to survive, therefore if you don't have any in your house or office, the geckos will not feel at home. Regular fumigation and the use of insecticides are two strategies that can help eliminate insects in your home, according to MedicalNewsToday.

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