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Meet The African Man Who Makes Love With Snakes




When a person says he loves more than that, it does not mean that he loves that person or that person more than he is but that he is beyond him even if there are obstacles and enemies.

There are many things we do know, but the things of this small and large world that we do not know are beyond our comprehension.

When it comes to those we choose to love, nothing can stop us because it is supernatural and beyond human reasoning

Meet the hot African King of Snakes who loves snakes. Garages is a black man from somewhere in Rwanda who loves snakes.


How Can You Survive Snake Time, Even If You Are Bitten

Snakes are long, slender, reptiles and reptiles. Like all other squamates, snakes are ectothermic, amniote vertebrates covered in scattered scales

They are poisonous and should not be played with but little Karagyesi thinks otherwise because he describes himself as love.

According to him, he does not follow the snakes but rather they come after him and then he responds to the snakes by showing them, great love.

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