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Interesting facts about one of South Africas big 5 animal

Elephants fall under South Africas big 5 animal. They are also known as the largest land animal. Their big size could easily lead someone into assuming false information about them such as being ruthless, and dangerous, however elephants are much more softer.

There are 3 surviving species of elephants which are the Asian elephant, African bush elephant, and the African forest elephant. Each specie poses different traits to them which makes them unique to other elephants .

Male , and female elephants have different ages of their life when they are able to reach their full size. A male will reach his full size at the age of 25 to 40 , and weigh an average of 12 000 pounds whilst a female will reach her full size at 15 to 30 years old , and will weigh an average of 8000 pounds. 

An elephants trunk is one of the most obvious body part . It has 40 000 muscles with 150 000 individual parts. The trunk carries most of the sensory organs . The trunk serves as the upper lip , and nose of the elephant 

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