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Opinion - Africans have always respected wildlife

Africans have always respected wildlife and nature in general, only used when necessary for specific needs.

Imagine seeing a guy in Tsakane walk into a tavern with a baboon or leopard in toe... "witchcraft" people would say.

Land Expropriation or Reform must include the restoration of "natural ways", respect for wildlife (our heritage). Colonialism in all its forms must be dismantled, foreign ways as well.

African people have always lived alongside and among the wild life. They used what they needed when they needed it.

If a lion killed some cows in the kraal at night the lion would be tracked and cornered with dogs and then the lion would be killed with relative ease. But the colonists had to conquer nature. They slaughtered the huge herds and trophy hunted to express their domination over the landscape and carve out farms. Nature had to be brought to order in their own image for profit.

In addition There are quite a number of snakes here in Tshwane Rural where I have already grabbed a piece of land ahead of expropriation. Sometimes I fear I will find one waiting for me in the bathroom, but that's not the point.

I have heard a few guys mention the python fat fetches about a thousand bucks in the streets. Talking about the zoo people to come for the snakes, izinyoka? Uyadlala mdala!

Ja, that's it. Those monkeys doing strolls in the township are lucky not to end up in the pot.

I bet no one remembers what it is to be African.

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