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Social media react after noticing a cow with this skin condition, getting ready for slaughter


A cow has left social media users out of words. After a farmer shared pictures seeking help on what has to be done to save his cow from infecting the rest of his herd. The cow showed signs of infected skin. It is alleged this condition is normal on cows.

What left people out of words was that the cow was about to be slaughtered even though it has this kind of condition. Farmers who commented explained to him that he is too late to try and cure the condition. Instead he should just slaughter the animal for meat.

The condition is called lumpy skin, causing an animal to spread the disease easily among other animals. Leaving the animal untreated poses a threat to the rest of the heard as the cow will be spreading the disease. Causing the rest of the cattle to die if the disease is left untreated.

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