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Beware of an anaconda if you go to these areas in South Africa

According to reports, a two metre long yellow anaconda escaped from its enclosure and is on the loose in Starwood, Phoenix in KwaZulu-Natal.

The non-venomous snake is said to have escaped from Troy Street, where the owner, Preesen Nair lives. It was being housed in a temporary enclosure while it's cage was undergoing some maintainance

According to Reaction Unit South Africa who are helping to search for the anaconda, The black and yellow female snake named Medusa by the owner could easily constrict small cats and dogs.

They have also said, while the snake will grow more over time, she is relatively smaller than the green anaconda popularly seen in the movie of the same name.

The owner has told media that the snake is harmless and relatively docile. However, Nair also said people who do not have experience with snakes should not try to capture her and rather call for assistance.

He said she is their family pet and appealed to anyone who may find her to return her unharmed.

If anyone spots the anaconda, contact Nair on 082 605 9530, snake catcher Jason Arnold on 082 745 6375 or Rusa at 086 1234 333.

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