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Top Five Most Dangerous Tribes in World, Never Cross Paths With No.2

Throughout history there have tribes that have decided to preserve their old ways and stay isolated from the modern society and maddening crowd.

There have been peaceful tribes that have interacted with the outside world, and there is the dangerous ones that want little to nothing to do with the outside world here is the list of the top five.

5. The Comanches Tribe

The comanches are considered to be the most deadliest tribe in India, they also have a fearsome reputation, there has been tales that they practice cannibalism though there isn’t sufficient evidence to this claim they are wildly feared.

4. The Aztec Tribe

Ruthless and fearless, dare be in their lands after hours expect to get shot by a couple of arrows of you're lucky they will ask questions later.

Government officials have tried to make contact with them and its reported that about 12 never made it out.

3. Igbo Tribe

Igbo are a tribe or group of beautiful native Africans, but don’t let looks fool you because they are a ruthless like the rest of the four tribal groups included in this list.

2. The Fulani Tribe

The Fulani people are based in Nigeria, they are believed to be the most dangerous tribe in the continent, according to a close source many locals consider them to be cannibals and usually blame the Fhulani for raids and attacks on other tribes gaining them a reputation of absolute violence.

1. The Sentinelese Tribe

They are considered to be the most isolated and dangerous tribe, they are located in a small forested island called North Sentinel and to this day they continue to resist any type of contact with the outside world.

They are known to attack and in some instances kill anyone who enters the island without proper approval from the tribal chief.

Which other fearsome tribes do you know off? please share your thoughts on the comment section down below.

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