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Limpopo remains unmatched with its nutrients and good produce.

Limpopo is a blessed province with its nourished and soil that is full of nutrients because no soil can bear the fruits that Limpopo is capable to bare. It has been a province where people from other provinces ask their mates from Limpopo to come back with some few green veggies some avocados now its that time where their friends are going to ask them to come back with a full plastic full of mangos.

Here is a picture of some mangos which was captioned its that time of the year where the venda soil is blessed and it flourishes with some good mango trees that give birth to some juicy mango fruit full of sugar and happiness.

This are magnificent fruits that are very delicious and the Limpopo province is not only blessed by mangos alone there is also time for corn maize that grows and some paw paw trees and a lot of trees.

Who wouldn't want to move in at Limpopo just to explore and experience the love of fruits and vegetables?

There's no need for one to buy veggies and fruits from supermarket when you can just grow them from the backyard of your home.

Here are some comments from twitter after the picture was posted on twitter.

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