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AKA gave Nadia Nakai his late fiancée’s(Anele Tembe) Rolex watch.

There is no industry that will always leave you astounded with its stunts like the entertainment industry. Celebrities are always doing and saying things that are seemingly abnormal or likeable all in the name of “trending” and for clout. 

Kiernan Forbes who is famously known by his stage name, AKA, has been exposing how in love he is with his new found love, Nadia Nakai. The two have been travelling around South Africa for their private outings which include vacations and for their gigs as well. They never stop sharing pictures and videos of each other in their Instagram feeds and stories and one can tell that love is truly in the air. 

AKA has done something very shocking that no one ever imagined he could ever do it. Before AKA paid dowry/lobola for his late fiancée, Anele Tembe, he bought her a watch(Rolex) that costed a half a million rands to match with his and after she passed away he asked her family to give it back to him. With no hesitation and hindrance, Anele Tembe’s family gave back the watch to him as he asked. 

AKA and Nadia Nakai were out having fun in a night club where he exposed that he had given Anele’s watch to Nadia Nakai. They kept on taking pictures and videos of the watches and pouring alcohol on them to show that they are not fake Rolex watches but genuine ones. 

In my own opinion, I feel like what AKA is just unacceptable and does not show full honour to his late loved one. There is no way you can give a new girlfriend your late wife/fiancée’s belongings.

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