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Put Boity Thulo's Assistant Bobby In Your Prayers, He Had A Car Terrible Accident

It seems like people who are in the entertainment industry are not getting a break this year. There have unfortunately been so many well-known individuals in the entertainment industry who many of us did not expect that their lives would end so soon, and many of them were still young people. Others who have survived have unfortunately gone through traumatic experiences where their lives almost ended.

Boity Thulo is one such celebrity who has had one of the most difficult years, especially because she was assaulted with a beer bottle which almost damaged her face. Apparently, she needs surgery in order to fix this scar that the assault left on her face. Boity has been in the entertainment industry for quite a while and she has left a mark on many citizens in the country. She also recently had her own reality show where she allows people to see what she is like in her personal space and also shares moments of her family with fans.

She also introduced some of her work colleagues to viewers, one of them being her personal assistant, who goes by the name of Bobby. Bobby has been working for Boity and he is the one who ensures that homework or forward today goes according to plan and it is also done. In the reality show, we got to see the relationship between the two and it seems like they have grown so close together that it does not seem like they are actually working together but close friends.

Not much is known about the boy peace assistant, but unfortunately, it was shared on social media that he was in a terrible accident which led to two individuals losing their lives and him ending up in a hospital. Not much was shared about the accident by many people on social media or went to wish him a speedy recovery.

Now that the festive season is here, many people will be traveling and the roads will be busy, which means that there might be a lot of accidents, so it is important to ensure that safety comes first while on the roads.

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