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Tito Mboweni out of hospital and Twitter reacts with mixed messages

Tito Mboweni was admitted at Sandton Mediclinic for the past 10 days. He is at home resting at home. The service in private hospital is fantastic compared to the public sector.

At least Tito Mboweni was a private hospital ward and he is still alive. Many black people don't have that privilege and they evenfear to go to public hospitals which are just a death trap for them. He will be driving home in a nice car whilst the rest of black people take taxis. At least he was in a private hospital , in a government hospital he would went empty handed as his belongings would have been either stolen or eaten by rats sharing beds.

Tito Mboweni


I cut a miserable figure,walking out of the hospital ward,carrying my few belongings with me, struggling to walk to my car,no good Samaritans around, I thought to myself:a few months ago, security would have been all over, carrying my bags, driving me home. Now on your own mate!

6:56 PM · Jul 1, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

Someone said he must'nt worry worry at least he have people on Twitter to listen to his agony. He is not alone. Some did wish him a full and speedy recovery. One of the few politicians to have left the flashy and luxurious blue light lifestyle at his own accord.

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Sandton Mediclinic Tito Mboweni


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