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No need for Impukane to keep men, you are the muthi they need be humble and be clean "opinion"

If you show your man respect and give him the love he deserves you won't need to use any muti to keep him. You must keep yourself smart and clean. Just play with water you can add salt to your bath water and it will keep you refreshed all the time. It also tightens your private part.

Women tend to use different muti to keep their men and tighten their private parts. After all there is truely no need for muti. We know what men wants. If you are like a swimming pool they run away because they don't wanna drown (some don't know how to swim). Men love to be treated like kids you give them that love you've got nothing to worry about. If you use muthi to keep love it's no longer free it becomes forced love. Whereby you are forcing the man to stay.

As a woman you need to trust yourself and have confidence in you. Humble yourselves towards your man don't raise your voice. Talk if you see that he's not doing things right. Don't bewitch him because you want him to listen to everything you say even if you wrong sometimes. Take responsibility of your actions. Stop using muti to keep men it doesn't work. You are the muthi he needs. Use cold water in the secret garden and a pinch of salt, it will stay tight fresh and odourless.Just keep yourself clean and refreshed all the time don't forget to humble yourselfand and show him respect.

He won't leave you. He won't look the otherway if he's satisfied at home.

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