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Gogo Maweni explains how she bewitched her first baby daddy and footballer Siyabonga Zulu

Gogo Maweni, a well-known traditional healer, appeared on the podcast and chill show with MacG and Sol Phenduka. The contentious social media celebrity sparked a lot of controversy during her interview. One of them is that she cursed Siyabonga Zulu, the father of her first child.

Maweni's response was startling when MacG questioned the traditional healer about what had become of the former soccer star. She acknowledged enchanting him. She made it clear that she had to claim responsibility for that. Maweni claimed that she supported him in the early stages of his professional development.

According to the traditional healer, Siyabonga Zulu and her were happily in love. Siyabonga had once been a member of an underpaid squad. He received food, clothing, and comfort from Maweni. She assisted him in getting by when he wasn't earning much money.

Back then, the man didn't even own a car. She gave him her automobile as a result because she was a good girlfriend. The former football star wrecked it in Soweto when she did that. Maweni also claims that the father of her first child spent R 45,000 on unrelated women. He was neglecting her financially at the time.

Maweni claims she became frustrated with his behavior and made the decision to give him a serious lesson.

Football career of Siyabonga Zulu

Soccer player Siyabonga Zulu was a burgeoning star for Mamelodi Sundowns. He was a really talented player. He dribbled and had perfect synchronization on the field. All of that success attracted praise. Groupies flocked to Siyabonga because of his large following.

It all came tumbling down after a while. His life was now completely out of control. He lost focus and began developing an addiction to his destructive outside behaviors. Siyabonga began abusing alcohol and skipping practice. He eventually became overly preoccupied with unrelated ladies. All of these things caused his career to collapse like dominoes.

Did Maweni also curse SK Khoza?

In the past, SK Khoza, who starred in The Queen, was popular for all the wrong reasons. Many others described it as a star falling. He was yelling at people maniacally at resorts. He was famous for hurting women violently. Dr. Maweni was charged with bewitching him by Mzansi.

According to SK, the conventional healer accomplished nothing for SK. According to her, the star was simply too toxic for her, so she simply let him go. She was blissfully married to her spouse when he went temporarily insane.

She lives with a lot of animals.

The quantity of animals she keeps in her home is only one of the many stunning admissions she revealed. It's shocking that her creatures are so different from one another but don't eat one another. Two snakes, two turtles, an owl, and a few bunnies live in Maweni. Typically, the majority of those who practice witchcraft claim that animals have a strong connection to black magic.

Contrary to what many people think, Maweni disliked her ability to perform conventional healing. She had strange nightmares and was struggling at school. In an effort to avoid her potential, Maweni left the nation. She is now accepting it as if it were a gene in her body. Given how she is, most people would believe that she embraced it right away.


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