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Rasta Gets Attacked After Drawing This Saying It Is Desmond Tutu (see pics)

Although almost each an of us today is very familiar with the saying" Appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had" Truth is we don't really appreciate each other when we are still alive, It always has to take ones death to be appreciated and honored and such is very wrong.

But luckily it is not everyone who is involved in the practices of appreciating people after they have passed on only. There's certain people who appreciate people even when they are still alive and one of those is Mr Libani Serenje well-known by many people as Rasta the artist. Unlike many of us who knew that Arch-bishop Desmond Tutu was turning 90 and did nothing about it, Rasta saw it very important to honor him with some paint job just to show his appreciation, Take a look at what he did for him.

Well as usual his work has caused a stir on tweeter when the pic made its way to many people. Have a rapid look at the screenshots attached below to see what is it that a lot of people had to say about it.

Looking at many of these comments, a lot of them lacks motivation and are all about demotivating him to do the honors of our legends and prominent people in the country and the people who are saying all these are the very same people who did nothing for our lovely Bishop Desmond Tutu. Looking at Rasta's paint job and what they people had to say about it, do you think they are right, or they are just being jealous of him? 

Bear in mind that Rasta does his job manually he uses no machines or anything which means he can't get the paint job 100 spot-on like what cameras do in most cases. What it that you have to say about this whole situation ? Please leave some comments below

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