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Black Twitter President Is In Hot Water After Saying This About Patrick Shai’s Death.


Patrick Shai’s death caused a huge stir on social media, especially on Twitter. Before he died, there was a trending video of him telling Casper Nyivest that he wanted to beat him so that it could be written even on his thumb stone that he once beat Casper Nyovest. This video caused a huge stir because people were surprised by what it was. Going on with Ntate Shai She was dragged and called crazy by Casper Nyovest fans. One of the people grilling him is the black Twitter president, known as Chris Excel.



“Patrick Shai should have asked for money from Casper Nyovest. We understand it’s January and he’s no longer getting gigs. Such a legend, destroying his legacy because of hunge”. The black tweeter president said after Patrick Shai posted his video about Casper. It was very embarrassing and painful to see an old man being dragged by kids. He was laughed at and mocked. Little did they know that he was going through a mental breakdown.



Following all that, after Patrick Shai’s death was announced yesterday, the black Twitter president tried to clear his name and put the blame on Casper Nyovest’s fans. He said that Casper’s fans dragged Patrick Shai until he decided to take his life. This tweet shows how hypocritical he is. Many people were very enraged and called him names for trying to cause trouble. Ever since he posted this tweet, he has been the number one trending topic because people are grilling him for his heartless tweets. Some have even called for him to be stripped of the presidency.There are many people who vowed that they used to like him, but after his recent tweets, they decided to unfollow him.



Chris has had issues with Casper Nyovest before. He always criticizes him in everything he does, and now that Casper and Patrick Shai had some misunderstanding, he’s trying to use that to tarnish Casper’s name. This is very inhuman. Chris is heartless and will go to any length for likes and attention.Indeed, social media has killed humanity among people. He should be removed from the presidency because his tweets cause more division and chaos than good.


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