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10 Things That Queen Elizabeth II Is Not Allowed To Do Despite Being The Most Powerful Woman

We can all agree that Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most prominent international leaders and is well-known around the world.

As the leader of the United Kingdom, she is also the leader of a large number of nations within the country. As a woman, she also has a lot of power and independence.

We'll look at some of the things the queen isn't permitted to do while being the world's most powerful monarch in today's article. She is required to follow these tight standards and is not permitted to perform the following:

1. She is not allowed to express any political opinions, despite the fact that all other British citizens are free to do so. She is supposed to remain politically apolitical at all times.

2. You are not permitted to sign any autographs. It's unlikely that you'll ever see the queen sign an autograph because her signature must be kept secret in order to avoid being counterfeit.

3. No matter what, you are never allowed to go out alone. At least 5 bodyguards must be stationed around the Queen.

4. She is unable to name her children; this responsibility is delegated to other members of the royal family, who must consider a variety of factors when naming their children, including paying homage to deceased relatives.

5. No public displays of affection, including hugs and kisses, with the husband or any other member of the royal family. As a result, seeing the queen and prince Phillip share amorous moments in public is quite rare.

6. She is not permitted to sit on the thrones of others, particularly leaders, under any circumstances.

7. The Queen is not permitted to cross her legs while sitting. This holds true for all other members of the royal family, particularly the women.

8. The Queen is not permitted to have long nails and is only permitted to wear natural makeup. She is also required to keep her hair neat at all times.

9. The Queen is not permitted to eat any meal at her dinner table. She is not permitted to consume shellfish or garlic, and she is not permitted to drink tap water.

10. The Queen, like any other person, does not have the freedom to drive alone. She must be escorted by two vehicles and must be with someone inside the vehicle.

Which of the queen's don'ts do you think will be the most difficult to maintain? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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