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Kelly Khumalo’s daughter, Thingo’s touching prayer about her late father Senzo Meyiwa

Kelly Khumalo's girl, Thingo's contacting petition about her late dad Senzo Meyiwa. In the most recent episode of Life With Kelly, Thingo Khumalo communicated trouble over not having her dad, Senzo Meyiwa, around.

Kelly Khumalo heard Thingo imploring about her dad thus she got some information about it, "So you all were supplicating and you expressed something about your father," she asked Thingo.

To the camera, Kelly said she isn't good with the way that her little girl Thingo doesn't have a dad, "My little girl not having a father won't ever be something that agrees with me. I take a gander at her and my heart simply sinks."

She then, at that point, proceeds and tells her girl, "Assuming you miss him it's alright to miss him as well. Anyway, how would you feel?"

Thingo answered, "Miserable, in light of the fact that he hasn't arrived."

Senzo Meyiwa passed on during a supposed messed up burglary in Kelly's home in Vosloorus with her loved ones present.

She then, at that point, said she too wished he was there with them however at that point God had different plans, "We as a whole would have needed him here yet God chose to take him sooner than us all. Yet, that doesn't mean he isn't looking after us… particularly you. Any place you go your daddy is with you. You know that right? Indeed, even at school," she shared with Thingo.

Kelly went on by adding that Senzo is in their souls despite the fact that he isn't with them truly. "It's miserable to hear a young lady implore about her passed-on father, but at the same time it's encouraging on the grounds that now we are where we can discuss daddy. Knowing very well that daddy is no more except for we know he's in our souls," she added.

In the past episode, Kelly said the nation denied her of the potential chance to grieve Senzo Meyiwa. "Sooner or later the clamor will subside and I believe I would need to carve out opportunity to lament, I have been denied of that since Senzo died. The court of general assessment denied me of that and they failed to remember that I am an individual as well and I have sentiments," she said.

"In any case, you can't view that narrative in a serious way. Recall that they thumped at our entryway and we declined and we needed to have Magdalene (lawyer) involved? You recall that they talked with me deceptively and they said it was for a TV show in the UK," she said.

Kelly then needed to drag Advocate Teffo for charging that she is the person who shot Senzo Meyiwa.

"This is extremely upsetting. Incredibly upsetting. There's such countless situations that South Africa has had. How frantic could one at any point be to attempt to place me in prison for something that I didn't do? That's what my thing is, that Advocate is frantic for consideration."

"Also, he realizes that each time he makes reference to my name, he drifts. Each time he gets up 'my ruler, Kelly Khumalo'. Contend. Make your entries. We are here to figure out reality with regards to what befell my girl's dad," said a close to home Kelly.

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