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The 'Ugliest lady in The world' turned down 20 Marriage proposals, See Why

Julia Pastrana was a performer and singer during the 19th century who had hypertrichosis. Pastrana, an indigenous woman from Mexico, was born in 1834, somewhere in the state of Sinaloa. She was born with a genetic condition, hypertrichosis terminalis; her face and body were covered with straight black hair.

Only the widest contours of the early life of Pastrana are known. No birth certificates or records of baptisms were ever identified. She is believed to have been born to a tribe of "Root Diggers" in 1834, a group of American Indians known as a form of hybrid primate-caveman.

In the 1850s, Pastrana married her manager, Theodore Lent, secretly.

Why they married we don’t know for sure. Pastrana was reportedly generous, sensitive, charitable and intelligent, claiming that Lent “loves me for my own sake.” Perhaps, though, the marriage was really a way for Lent to exact control:

In a press interview, she said she had declined more than twenty marriage proposals because of the low financial situation of the applicants.

In 1860, after she died, she gave birth to a son who had the same condition and lived for just a few days.

Pastrana remains an enigma a hundred and fifty-three years after her death, a woman blurred by tradition and as mythologized as a flaming-out rock star. Yet a shocking and fascinating portrait that crosses the globe and weaves through a long-gone world where extreme disability was a kind of highly valuable commodity is offered by the biographical information that can be pieced together.

In reality, Pastrana was a star in a freak show. In death, she became a symbol of colonialism in the colonial period and its aftermath. This is the tale of her long trip home.

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