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Zandile Tembe's Unexpected Resignation Surprised Other Workers At Ukhozi FM

Former Ukhozi FM Programmes manager Zandile Tembe who's contract ends at the end of this month left unexpectedly.

Zandile's contract on Ukhozi FM was terminated last week, she was supposed to stop working by the end of October but she had resigned unexpectedly on Monday.

Zandile has worked for 13 years on Ukhozi FM, she was hired as a producer before she became programmes manager. According to an inside source, Zandile was instructed by top management team that she will not complete her contract month end but she has to stop working on Monday.

The source revealed that as a manager, Zandile was allowed to receive all the secret information from the broadcasting organisation and the station. That is why she was forced to resign before time and this is a tradition that companies do when a manager or official leaves.

Another source said many were shocked when Zandile packed and left with all her things from the office she was using. Suddenly after that she was removed from the staff WhatsApp group by Sbongi Ngcobo.

'When she arrived many thought she was back to work as usual because most of us have returned to working inside our offices. She never sat down at all but packed her belongings and left.' Stated a source.

The source resumed saying while everyone was surprised by this, Mandla Mdletshe was announced as temporal programmes manager.


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