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Will MaNtuli and be able to fight Lehasa over this?Skeem Saam :[Opinion]


Skeem Saam producers and writers seem to be doing a good job in making sure that the fans of the telenovela are impressed and entertained.The past few weeks twists on characters story lines seems to have done the magic.Firstly it was how the damages issue was handled by the Ntulis, on behalf of Zamokuhle even though his uncle had planned to make sure that he milks John Maputla each and every cent.

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However tables turned when the Maputla elders met with the Ntuli’s elder the were no payments asked or anything of that sort.This is one of the twist that made fans to approve of the telenovela ,and expressed how impressed they were on how this matter was handled on the Telenovela.The writers seem to do their research well as the current story line is aslo making fans talk non stop about the telenovela on social media platforms especially Twitter.

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On the current story line Pretty is pregnant with the child of Lehasa before that MaNtuli,Sifiso and Kwaito assumed that it was Katlego’s child and MaNtulis was ready with a demand for Katlego however that didn’t bear any fruits.

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MaNtuli seem to have a weakness of loving money and manipulating people in getting that,as she was prepared to do the same with Katlego.Will she be able to do that with Lehasa?She isn’t part of the women who have gone with Pretty to Lehasa so how will she manipulate this situation and makes it to favour her?

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Skeem Saam storyline is relatable in terms of Pretty who is at the university and now faced with being pregnant.Pressure from the family,father of the child and she is not in good terms with him and she has a whole year ahead of her before she can finish her law degree .

Will Pretty be able to overcome this challenge and still finish her degree?Will MaNtuli eventually come around for Pretty and forgive her?Like every parent she is disappointed by her child.

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