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Izulu Lami Actors Real Names, Biography And Pictures. They are living the simple life

When September rolls around, it will have been a long time since the release of Madoda Ncayiyana's critically acclaimed and award-winning film Izulu Lami, which is also known as My Secret Sky. My goal in writing this article is to show readers how unique Chili-Bite, Thembi, and Khwezi are now in comparison to when they were children in the film's storyline.

Madoda Ncayiyana served as the film's director of operations. Sobahle Mkhabase and Sibonelo Malinga star as Thembi and Khwezi, respectively, with Chili-Bite (Tshepang Mohlomi) serving as the film's main antagonist.

With his 8-year-old younger sibling Khwezi, a young lady named Thembi from rural KwaZulu-Natal decides to leave home and go on an excursion in the City of Durban.

After their mother's death, their auntie, who was supposed to be their gatekeeper, sells most of their assets but keeps their mother's Zulu traditional mat.

In order to find the white minister who once visited their town and organized a special contest featuring their mother's mat, the two are in a pickle.

They rely on the kindness of strangers to get them to Durban, but once they arrive, things don't go as planned.

There is a band of road kids led by a 12-year-old named Chili-Bite who lies and claims that a companion (a grownup) of his knows where the minister the family is searching for lives, and they immediately confront them.

Apparently Chili-Bite must give Thembi to a human dealer who accepts her offer to fix his AIDS, but she escapes and discovers his direction to his sibling later on.

It's at this point that Thembi gets angry and says the film's most famous line: "Bean stew Bite uyinja, ngiyakuzonda," which is Zulu for "You're a canine Chili Bite, I disdain you." Chili Bite had sold Thembi to him after she was sold.

This is a fantastic and necessary film. Here's how the three future stars of the show currently appear:

1. Chili-Bite - Tshepang Mohlomi

As a follow-up to Izulu Lami, he has appeared in Otelo Burning (2011), Uzalo Season 4 (2018), and At Ellen's Age (2010).

2.Khwezi - Sibonelo Malinga.

After Izulu Lami, he has appeared sparingly on television, but according to his LinkedIn profile, he is currently an admitted lawyer of the Supreme Court of South Africa.

3. Thembi - Sobahle Mkhabase

She hasn't appeared much on television, but she recently graduated. She is currently pregnant and ensnared in Katlego Justice Lebina. On the 14th of September 2021, she did have a baby shower.




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