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Man of the year goes to DJ Tira

he is the hero that saves

Dj Tira has been one of a kind, one of the best people that means needs.

He has been spreading love and stretching a hand of help to those that need, help.

We have seen him trying and pushing by all means to uplift our South African Young people.

First it was the beautiful qwabe twins ,which whom he adopted in the music industry and he has helped them grow, today thier music is one of the best because of him.

He didn't do well by the twins only but there has been a number of young people that kept on appearing that he has been helping and uplifting.

He has been a very good example to many and a very good leader.

South Africans need more people like him who wouldn't mind sharing what they have, thier talents and thier time , so that other people may benefit from them.

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