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Dear MacG, Were these outfits "Necessary" at the 2021 Met Gala?

MacG of Podcast and chill with MacG trended on Twitter for saying that Cassper's verse on the chart-topping "Siyamthanda" hit was not necessary.

The word necessary in his statement got me thinking about some Met Gala outfits I had looked at. The theme for this year payed homage to American fashion and it was a very much anticipated event because of last year's cancellation due to Covid.

I looked at some of the outfits and thought....well check them out for yourself.

Kim Kardashian

I wasn't sure whether it was Halloween or the Met Gala, but Kim definitely redefined the Red Carpet with her cat suit. It was literally all black from head to toe. A fashion statement was most certainly made here, but a very dark one. Then I saw a pic of her with Kanye and I gave up.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

I wash my hands.

Dan Levy

This Schitt's Creek star decided that the red carpet is too bland and needs some theatrics. I just want to know if this was from a famous designer or something him and some kids put together.


Ciara didn't get the memo, the theme is American Fashion not sports fashion.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X had outfits for days. Talk about making up for last year.

Man behind Zoey Deutsch

Wanted, dead or alive, dressed or nude: The man behind Zoey should have been arrested at the entrance for that outfit. What the covid is he wearing???? He's lucky he's an unidentified individual...for now atleast.

Kim Petras

The horse! I can't deal. It's too much. There's beauty in the gown somewhere but the horse was unnecessary.

Rihanna & A$ap Rocky

This duo decided to rock up after everyone had gone inside. Fashionably late doesn't even begin to describe these two. They opted for the duvet-meets cocoon look, I call it the " I didn't wanna get out of bed" look. Nonetheless, they stole the show.

Margaret Qualley

You know those church plays where a sweet cute little girl is playing the role of virgin Mary? Yeah this is it. Margaret didn't give us met gala vibes at all.

Lili Reinart

Lili celebrated her 25th birthday in style at the Gala. She decided to wear a garden gown with flowers representing all the states of America. It was a gorgeous and refreshing look.

You get floral...👆

And then you get floral...👇

Anna Wintour

Anna's gown had a lot of fabric that had a lot of flowers. It's going to be that busy atleas make it sleeveless or lower the shoulders or something.

Simone Biles

On second thoughts, Anna Wintour's gown is really beautiful. I could wear it any day if I could afford it. As for Simone's, mark me absent teacher! The bodice especially gets a no from me.

The gown is 88 pounds. It is 88 pounds of fabric, not beauty. Although there is an element of elegance.

Natalia Bryant

When you motivate someone saying "go big or go home", and they take it literally.

Debbie Harry

Seriously? I don't know anymore. Apparently she was trying to resemble the American flag but the aesthetics were just not it for anyone.

Zoë Kravitz

Zodwa Wabantu, do you know her? Have you two met before?


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