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It’s the survival of the fittest between Brutus’s family and Harriet’s family (opinion)


How does one conquer someone who knows all of their moves is the main question that should be asked in the situation of Brutus and Harriet on the telenovela The Queen.Harriet and Brutus have been inseparable for years they have had ups and downs together not against each other.However,the current situation has forced them to be each other’s enemy.Not in their wildest dreams they have ever seen themselves in this position but there’s no turning back it’s the only way out.Will they make it out all in one peice or their dead bodies will make it to the end?See the link below:

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It is ironic to watch the twist in their characters from being inseparable to being sworn enemies.Does this mean blood is no longer thicker than water?Brutus looks like he is having the upper hand.It is evident how betrayal changes people and hardens their hearts.However, Harriet chose herself after a long time of sacrificing for her family and children.With that being said her family including Brutus should have supported her.

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With Brutus no man was ever going to be enough for Harriet.This is clear that Harriet wasn’t going to be free form Brutus.Tables have turned and it’s blood against blood.Does this mean they will never forgive each other?Is Harriet scared of Brutus?How will Hector and Harriet save themselves or is this the end of them?Indeed this is the survival of the fittest.

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What the writer is trying to show is how dangerous one becomes when he/she feels betrayed by someone he/she considered as family.Also Brutus got to realise his family and become part of it physically.This is something good as he has been an absent father for a long time.This fight amongst Harriet and Brutus has some good side effects which is the reconnecting of a father and his sons.

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