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Mzansi Reacts To Zulu King War Between MisuZulu & Simakade

If Shaka Zulu could do it history can always repeat itself, this is definitely a story that is like a reincarnation of Shaka Zulu or his dilemma, whereby he was king but his Kingship was always questioned by those inside the royal home because they also wanted their own King to be in power so that they can be able to achieve their ends.

This is definitely something that is quite common with anything having to do with the Game of thrones where children would always find themselves fighting for power and they are incorrigible, who would back down in the face of great opportunity that they can easily seize.

Now this comes after an incident had taken place where Prince Simakade had Coronated himself before King MisuZulu, someone who the country had acknowledged as someone who is involved in these kinds of activities. We hope that the members of the public can ensure that they are able to deal with this incident in a way, which will ensure that they are successful in their resolution.

So that they can move on with this matter because dwelling on such cases in very unhealthy and this started with the demise of two people who dies subsequently, so it is all very suspicious till this day that’s why many people are even asking themselves all these questions.

History is said to be repeating itself because a lot of people find themselves in a very unfavourable situation where they now don’t know who their true king is per the confusion, if there was a way to throw both of them into a ring to fight for this so that they can prove in a traditional manner how they are going to resolve this.

This is truly a very difficult predicament that needs to be resolved very quickly so that we can be able to move on from this issue the Zulu nation still has a lot to achieve and they cannot afford to be in a very complicated situation like this.

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