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How Kashmiere Culberson Became Famous Despite Being Born Without Arms (Photos)

Kashmiere Culberson, a well-known YouTuber from Dallas, was born with Bilateral Phocomelia, a rare disease that left her without limbs.

Kashmiere's condition may be viewed as a challenge and a watershed moment for many because of how tough it would be to carry out most domestic tasks. Kashmiere, on the other hand, was quick to adapt to her situation and began executing tasks without the use of her hands as a youngster.

(Kashmiere does her makeup with her feet.)

Kashmiere is capable of doing everything from cooking to driving, shopping, and swimming, as well as writing, cleaning her teeth, applying makeup, and a variety of other household duties without the assistance of her loved ones. She can also use her feet to shoot a rifle.

(Kashmiere uses her feet to prepare food.)

She also did not let her disease prevent her from furthering her education; according to accounts, she graduated from Texas Women's University with a degree in psychology.

She became well-known after she began recording YouTube videos of herself cooking, driving, and doing other chores. As she made headlines, her ability in the face of hardship earned her a considerable social media following. She grew from a few hundred to over 230 thousand subscribers presently.

(On her feet, Kashmiere scribbles)

By God's grace, if Kashmiere, who is physically challenged, can defy all odds and do the "impossibles" without arms, you can defy all odds and overcome that difficulty that appears to be too big for you.

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