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Meikie Under Hot Water After This Happened To Melita

Meikie is going back to jail because manuli and the community they are worried about what happen to Melita they are not xo about who shooted Melita.

Melita's shooting has been the justification for all fear in Turfloop. John and for all intents and purposes totally concerned suspect Meikie. Meikie swears on her chance that she didn't shoot Melita.


Melita is essential anyway stable at the crisis facility, not that she will be of any help with tending to her cryptic shooting QRsince she didn't see anything.

MaNtuli thinks moving to block A to collect a shack is probably the best move for the whole family. Charles is also planning for his life.

It's not stunning that Meikie is the principle suspect, yet by and by Leeto urges her to stand by considering the way that moving back to her home will look questionable.

Paxtons' Easter party is moreover extremely popular. Mr Kgomo is spitting fire throughout the week's end party, and he has grounded Paxton.

Paxton has named Eunice one of the party-members in the Kgomo house, and Eunice doesn't show lament when her boss tells her how demoralized he is, for her praising with little adolescents and buying alcohol.

Eunice's approach to acting has become risky; she affronts Me Kgomo and encourages him to buzz off.

Mr Kgomo needs the wrecked things in his home replaced ASAP.

The educators at school are moreover stressed over how much alcohol was flying around from these youngsters at the party, and the central blames the more settled kid, who is terrible at affecting his associates.

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Meikie is getting through an attack from everyone, including the police. Everyone acknowledges she shot Melita, yet she endeavors to tell them it's not her; her explanations neglect to stand out for anybody. Numerous people from Turf are getting what they need. Meikie could get back to prison. This is changing into a mystery Case without a doubt, and Melita is at this point engaging for her life in the clinical facility.

Eunice has officially moved over to some unsatisfactory side. She doesn't totally acknowledge that she truly needs that work any more. She doesn't focus on headings or continue on ahead, she is by and large absent, and when she finally shows up from work, she goes about like she is helping her agents out.

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