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Gladys and Thati| Now we are even.

Gladys and Thati finally had a heart-to-heart and laid all their cards on the table! This came after a lot of bickering between the two, which ended with Gladys' baby being miscarried! Gladys was relieved to learn that it was a son (or daughter) for a son (or daughter), bringing them even!

Gladys, I feel, will profit from this because she was having difficulty dealing with the reality that she had killed Langa unintentionally. Even if the truth does not bring him back, she will be able to sleep better at night knowing that Thathi is aware of her son's disappearance and would hopefully accept her motives in the future. Even if Thathi was responsible for Gladys' miscarriage, she should be forgiven.Even though Thathi was responsible for Gladys' miscarriage, she should give her space to mourn and not seek immediate forgiveness!

Gladys' admirers were also relieved to learn the truth, as they had begun to suspect them of being complicit in Langa's murder. Lol! The only question now is whether Melusi would leave Gladys and return to his true love, or whether he will stay and rekindle their relationship! Gladys, on the other hand, appears to be fed up with her marriage to Melusi and her position as second best, therefore she'll most likely be the one to go!

Take a look at one of the Twitter response:

Not Gladys, who claims that she and Thati are even bathong! #GomoraMzanzi #GomoraMzanzi #GomoraMzanzi

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Gladys' Thathi Thati


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