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Popular Actress Natasha Thahane revealed reasons why she received R1 Million from top ANC leader

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SOUTH AFRICANS are aghast at what has been labeled the "corruption connection" made by the former ANC chairwoman, who was also the speaker of parliament. 

It's rather terrible that certain people with ties to high-ranking government officials in the ANC or parliament have all they need, while others on the ground don't have their needs met by the government. 

Many young people are expelled from secondary schools for failing to pay their tuition. This is owing to the pupils' financial difficulties. 

They must drop out of university and return home without having satisfied their need to learn. At the same time, some wealthy celebrities with ANC leaders' connections manage to secure almost a million rand only to go to the United States and study. 

To say the least, this is pathetic, and it has Mzansi steaming with rage. 

Natasha Thahane, the Queen's actor, topped the Twitter trends on Saturday morning following her interview on MacG's Podcast and Chill, in which she disclosed that she earned over R1 million in government subsidies after reaching out to politician Baleka Mbete. 

To make matters worse, Natasha is Desmond Tutu's granddaughter. Tutu is a wealthy man with a lot of money, and his foundation, the Desmond Tutu Foundation, could have afforded to finance her. 

Anyway, Natasha told MacG that when she traveled to the New York Film Academy to study in 2017, she needed financial assistance. 

She went on to say that she then "called" Baleka and requested her to assist her receive the money she needed to study. Baleka allegedly subsequently contacted the Department of Arts to secure the funds, which totaled more than R1 million, for Natasha's studies. 

Baleka was the speaker of Parliament and the ANC chairperson at the time. 

"I told Mam' Baleka (Mbete) that I needed to return to school, and she said, 'Mama, I need to go back to school.' I've been accepted into the program... I'm not sure what I'm going to do, so can I get some money? 'Please make something happen for me.' She was able to communicate with (the department of) Arts and Culture, and they were able to assist me," she explained on the show. 


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