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Check Out 3 #MinaNaweHouse Couples That Mzansi Would Want Them To Break-Ups. No.2 Will Surprised You

Check Out 3 #MinaNaweHouse Couples That Mzansi Would Want Them To Break-Ups. No.2 Will Surprised You

Source: Hashtag #MinaNaweHouse twitter page

1. Sthembile and Sakhile

Mzansi has been against this relationship from day one they appear in #MinaNaweHouse. Their relationship was boomed from the start. They are no natch and it feels like Sthembile is wasting her time to someone who is not willing to work out. 

Sthembile and Sakhile were in the house for just a holiday. Their situation have not changed even when they are outside. They are not willing to fix anything. It's sad to Sthembile because she is older than Sakhile and she has a kids. The guy does not live her, he only love her money. I can't respect a man who feeds off a woman without shame, without him even trying. Sakhile and Sthembile should break up with immediate effect. 

2. Koketso and Abel

Mzansi has been been advising Koketso To leave Abel. They say on a cheater always a cheater. Abel will not stop cheating no matter how many times she's willing to sacrifice. Love is not supposed to require you to sacrifice yourself at all just that Koketso is only in for money. After last episode mzansi is now convinced that Koketso is a gold digger who is after Abel's money. Abel have money and Koketso is a slay queen who enjoys his black card.

3. Ayanda and Makhegu

After last episode of #MinaNaweHouse season finale mzansi is conviction that Ayanda is a horrible person and she doesn't love Makhegu. It's sad that Makhegu does not see the trouble she's dealing with. She said that Makhegu is not beautiful and not not looking good. She said she's used to dating beautiful girls better than Makhegu. Ayanda does not deserve Makhegu.

Ayanda told Makhegu to keep quiet she will answer she talking about Ntombi BF abusing her and she been scared of him yet she doing the same to Makhegu infront of the whole world how she behind closed doors. Ayanda thinks her loudness makes her right. She’s such a bully straatmate tendencies. She has no respect for anyone. I feel for Makhegu. Although Makhegu has paid lobola to her but it won't change the fact that Ayanda want to be the leader and head at the same time. If Ayanda can be softer and kinder to Makhegu they might have a chance but the rest of the couples should just break up. 

The season #minanawehouse2 did not help the couple. We have seen couples falling apart unlike the last season. The #MinaNaweHouse councilors have tried to help the couple but they have failed. They should be coming with a good results but it's problems after another. I hope moja love will continue offering counselling to this couples as healing is a journey. Some of them have a long way to go. In Yesterday's show, I saw a lot of hurt people trying to hurt others. I know they will find peace one day.

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