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Bheki Cele is Married to a Young Beautiful Woman, Here Are Their 15+Photos Together


When you are a public figure, people always feel obliged to know about your personal or private life. Things like your family members, what you do, and how you appear outside of the workplace environment play a role. We all want to know what they really look like and what their normal lives are.

People can be cruel enough to use your personal life to harm your public image, particularly if you work in or have influence in the legal system, which is why many politicians and public figures keep personal information private.The disadvantage of telling people about your personal life is that they often use it against you. For example, we have heard numerous reports of police officers whose families were kidnapped by thugs who demanded they do something in exchange for their kidnapped or threatened family members.

 Not so long ago, the country was upside down as the children of a well-known businessman were abducted and kidnappers demanded money in exchange for releasing the victims. That’s one of the reasons why many celebrities or public figures prefer to keep their private lives secret.

In today’s article, we will talk about Bheki Cele, the minister of police. When you speak about Bheki Cele, he’s one of the most secretive people when it comes to his personal life. Many people have asked if he is married because of how strict he appears to the public, and it appears that he is too committed to his job to have time for a family.

Bheki Cele is married to a very beautiful and stylish wife called Thembeka Ngcob, a beau’s girl who gained popularity not long after people found out that she’s the one married to Bheki Cele. See their photos below.



When it was discovered that Bheki Cele and Thembeka Ngcobo were married, the duo quickly became the most talked-about couple in South Africa, according to media reports. One of the most talked-about aspects of the couple's relationship is the significant age gap that exists between them. Ngcobo's precise date of birth and month of birth are undisclosed, but she was reportedly born in 1978, according to rumors. This indicates that she is approximately 43 years old. Her husband, on the other hand, is more than 20 years older than her.


After receiving harsh criticism at the beginning of their marriage, the pair have now been together for more than a decade. This is particularly impressive in light of the fact that we live in a time when marriages are formed swiftly and disintegrate just as quickly. Despite the significant age difference between the husband and wife, their marriage has now outlasted numerous famous marriages between couples who are in the same age range as they are.


Since their "wedding of the year" took place, Thembeka Ngcobo and Bheki Cele have tried to keep their personal lives out of the public eye, and it appears that this plan is working out rather well for them at this point in time. It is worth noting that the pair have not been reported to have welcomed any children together since their marriage.


Theu look so good together and in most of their photos, Bheki cele was laughing his lungs out, indeed she’s the apple of his eyes. What’s your takes on this two? Are they not good together?

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