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Man disclose 10 Reasons on why he demolished a house for his beautiful wife

Photo credits: Twitter

There is a news that took South Africans by shock on the previous weeks. The news was either disclosing how men can be angry or how men can show their true colors in any relationship they get involved to.

Photo credits: Twitter

A man was dating one of the most Beatiful girls in the country , well figured lady she was and they dated for a very long time to an extent of building a house for both them using the financial resource of the man on top of the stance of the woman.

Photo credits: Twitter

The man discloses many reasons on an interview on why he reached a point of demolishing the house of a woman.

The first thing first is that they broke up and they were nolonger gonna stay together or spend their time together.

Photo credits: Twitter

man further indicate that the truth should lead each and every relationship, and people should not be full with with lies or be led by lies in their lives.

The main also makes his point that women should not be criminals , they must make it a point to always refrain from such if they want to believed by men or last in any relationship.

Photo credits: Twitter

He further indicated that he is nolonger in a point to can kill women , men’s should just find an alternative on dealing with such matters .

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