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Uzalo: Hlelo wants to leave Sbu see Uzalo

Hlelo is willing to leave Sbu because he does not know how to use money wisely, he always tries to impress people when he has money, but knowing very well that he is staying in a shack, Hlelo tried to build future with Sbu, but she failed, now she wants to leave Sbu because she does not seeing future with him.

The problem with Sbu is that he loves the life that he cannot afford, now he made an agreement with Njeza that they will start a business, but he ate all the money and he is broke, and forgot that he was willing to do everything to make his dream come true, because he does not want to do any job that could put him in a trouble.

Other thing that is boring Hlelo about Sbu is that he does not want to listen to anybody when he has money, he just wants to buy an expensive clothes and, but food, so Hlelo wants to see her life changing that is why she decided to leave.

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