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Divorce Affair

Mnakwethu HEA: MaMchunu has the last laugh as Samantha betrays Qondanisa

Mnakwethu HEA: MaMchunu has the last laugh as Samantha betrays Qondanisa

While you're here, please follow me.

MaMchunu is having the time of her life. The chickens came home to roost and Qondanisa wasn't ready for it. Every second week, he's fighting Diaz for enabling his 2nd wife to cheat. Only this time, she confirmed that she's a bit blurred about the baby's paternity!

MaMchunu was laughing loudly during the confrontation and you could tell that she was happy that her husband has met her match.

At one point, she said that "It serves him right'' and her reaction throughout the altercation between Qondanisa and Samantha made her look like she's doing the math of whether the two will break up and she'll be the only one again.

Too bad that Qondanisa added that he'll be adding a new wife to the mix and that none of them would stop him. The audacity!

I wish that MaMchunu was laughing like this planning on leaving him. It makes no sense for her to be happy that another woman is breaking his heart, while she's the one who'll still mend it and be the clown to have stayed with a man with no self-control.

The fact that Samantha is unsure of her child's paternity suggests that she has been indulging in unprotected sex and unbothered about it.

The downside is that whole MaMchunu is laughing, she'll wake up one day to a deteriorating health that is a result of Qondanisa's obsession with women. She might be laughing now but it's not a win for her. Samantha could leave the relationship but Qondanisa will bring her another sister-wife.

Thoughts? Does Qondanisa deserve everything happening to him?

Thanks for reading! Please leave your comments in the comments section below and I'll engage!

Source: Mnakwethu Happily Ever After on DStv channel 161



March 17, 2022

Content created and supplied by: Zondiwe_M (via Opera News )

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