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See How Mamba's House Turned To Secrets Angent In Scandal

Things that are happening in Mamba's house is strange. It's at the Mamba's after all, we are being introduced to the Mamba's. New to Scandal New Scandal News Scandal. So f9r us to get to know the family Romeo went missing.. To get to know Mamba Love it more an more.

The Mamba household is strange, everyone's eavesdropping and spying is a daily occurrence. They are all CIA agents

I like this narrative. Gone are the days where housekeepers were so illiterate that they couldn't even write their names. Housekeepers hold varsity degrees now, so employers must let that sink in

As for Boniswa If she falls for Mamba and forgets why she is in that house in the first place, it will end in tears for Xolile

Lizzie always gets closed to getting caught. She makes me anxious but I know she is very good liar, she won't disappoint me though.

Lizzie knows how to lie. This is a small matter for her. Let's wait until Lizzie take on Violetta on good manners and let Mamba be the judge. Good thing no Mr. Langa to stop that from happening. It's all coming.

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