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Makeup Skills

Sh0cking Celebrity Transformations For Movie Parts That Will Amaze You. Unbelievable

It's incredible how much time, work, sweat, and tears go into making movies. Consider the complexities involved in applying special effects makeup on Hollywood performers. Even characters that don't appear to require professional makeup can take hours to prepare for the set.

Not to mention the time and work that goes into creating fantasy and science fiction characters appear realistic. We've gathered some of the best before and after photos, as well as step-by-step instructions, to show you how much work goes into Hollywood-level makeup. Who knew that transforming Thorin Oakenshield into, well, Thorin Oakenshield was such a time-consuming process? And here we were, thinking that putting on a wig was all it took!

#1 Naomi Grossman, American Horror Story Series

#2 Robin Williams, Mrs Doubtfire

#3 Eddie Murphy, Coming To America

Even if it's thrilling and purposeful, the life of a Hollywood movie makeup artist is arduous and involved. Makeup artists, on the other hand, aren't all the same.

There are four primary movie makeup artist roles for you to play. Starting with the major makeup artists who create the lead actors' makeup appearance. In other words, they look after the well-known actors.

They also come up with the most sophisticated and detailed makeup concepts, as well as supervise other staff to ensure that the makeup looks the same throughout the entire filming process.

#4 Richard Brake, Game Of Thrones

#5 Charlize Theron, Monster

#6 Doug Jones, Crimson Peak

Then there are the makeup artists who are in charge of making non-lead and supporting actors look their best. They've been given directions to bring the visions of the primary makeup artists to life. Of course, without makeup assistants, nothing would get done.

They help organize makeup kits, perform other small but necessary tasks, and assist the artists with whatever they require. Every film's unsung heroes are these people.

Finally, special effects makeup artists have some of the most exciting occupations in the film industry. They work with prosthetics and other special makeup effects.

#7 Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour

#8 Richard Armitage, The Hobbit

#9 Danny DeVito, Batman Returns

#10 Karen Gillan, Avengers

#11 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator

#12 Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2

#13 Chris Hemsworth, Avengers Endgame

#14 Gary Oldman, Hannibal

#15 John Rhys-Davies, Lord Of The Rings

#16 Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

#17 Ron Perlman, Hellboy

#18 Ian Mckellen, Lord Of The Rings

#19 Tim Curry, Legend

#20 Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice

#21 Bill Skarsgård, It

#22 Emma Thompson, Nanny Mcphee

#23 Jacob Tremblay, Wonder

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