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Meikie Left John Maputla Off Gut After She Revealed This In #SkeemSaam

Meikie Left John Maputla Off Gut After She Revealed This In #SkeemSaam

It is how @SkeemSaam3 always remains relevant and educational for me. The level of awareness is insane. Skeem Saam remains undefeated this is the best show ever and it needs a slot of 1hr, this 30 minutes thing does not work for us.

Everything happens for a reason in skeem,it links up so well,people actually grow with the show through various life stages. Mantuli will never improve as a mother and grandmother she repeats the same mistakes. This toxic behavior is in her DNA she will never change o na le pelo. Mantuli deceive the appreciation, she killing her role for years. She is the best actress. Mantuli is going through a lot mntaka dad she was even betrayed buy film maker when they filmed Dennis running after Clemy so pls pigs can't fly.

John’s intention to do right by Kwaito does not bode well with Meikie. Meikie will always go against what John Maputla plan to do for Kwaito, even when is the right thing to do. Kwaito didn't ask for this, but John and Mantuli are the one who brought him into the Planet of the Living. Meikie must rest now, she will die of heart attack, she must now accept that Zamo is there to stay n he is Maputla's son, it's only fair he is added to the Will like others.

People need to give Meiki a break, and put your shoes on her's. Mantuli does not deserve a cent from Maputlas family only Kwaito does and it's not easy to forgive someone like who were once your friend a boa tshola ngwana le your husband'.

We can all judge Meikie because we've never been in her situation... I'd be like her if my best friend slept with my husband and had a baby...ooh i do not blame her. Most of the people judging Meikie, what would you do if you were in her shoes. Its better that she is acting but most woman go through this in real life.

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